I believe we are living in an era where people increasingly prefer simpler, carefully selected things, paring away anything unnecessary.

Instead of trying to be luxurious and perfect in every aspect, our restaurant is focused on allowing you to enjoy great food and wine, and at a good price. Our policy is to remove any excesses and give back to our customers.

We serve French cuisine in “omakase” style, a unique style employed by top Japanese restaurants, where the selection of dishes is left up to the Chef, who knows what are in season and how they are best cooked, and takes full responsibility to ensure the very best combination and sequence of dishes.

We put our full heart into the one fixed “omakase” course and aim to stay simple, transparent and honest.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant.

Daisuke Kaneko


At Cork, we prepare each plate to go with the specific wine you choose, featuring ingredients inspired by the wine of your choice.
We hope you fully enjoy this new style of marriage between wine and food.